About Me / My Mission


Hi Everyone !

My name is Nugget ! Here is how I went from a Chicken Nugget to a professional 2D / 3D Animator :

Before becoming a professional animator, I just started to draw every day at school.

I continued to draw despite that the professors always told me that I will never acheive anything in my life this way…

Seems like they were wrong ! Because several years later, I got an Animation Degree in Canada !

Here is the Graduation Film I made the last year of my Animation studies. It was broadcasted in more than 30 Countries and Festivals all across the world :

After achieving my Animation Degree in Canada, I started my first Job as a 2D Animator at Frima Animation Studio in Quebec.

There I learned to do 2D Animation in Unity 3D and other Softwares for Video Games.

After that, I worked on TV Animated Series with Adobe Flash and Toon Boom Harmony on Netflix TV Series and another stuffs.

Here you can watch my 2D Animator Demoreel below to see some of my works for different Animation Studios and Freelance Jobs :

Then I moved to Vancouver, BC, in which I worked at DHX Animation Studio on multiple Animated TV Series.

First as a Flash Layout Artist, on Polly Pocket TV Show and then as a 2D Flash Animator on Chip and Potato.

Along the way, I’ve also done a lot of Freelance Animation Jobs with After Effetcs, Harmony, Flash (Animate CC), Maya, Premiere Pro and other softwares for lots of Clients.

Click on the picture below, so you can see more of my work on my Professional Website.

Works about Illustration, Digital Painting, 3D Modeling, Shading, Animation and my 3D Demoreel. You will also see some of my Student and Professional works :

Finally, here I am today, sharing my Experience and my Passion for Animation with you guys.

Because I know how it’s hard to start from scratch as a new Chicken Nugget in the competitive Animation Industry.

But relax, I will give you the keys to find out your own path and make your dreams come true if you love 2D / 3D Animation as I do!

Ready to start ?



Learn step by step and in a simple way how to become a Great Artist.